Activity nº7 (01.04.2018-31.11.2018)

Creation of two dissemination tools:
A manual of good practices and a website/platform

01.04.2018-31.11.2018 @Online
Target group: Public in general

Preparation, development and implementation of a dissemination tool:
1. A manual of good practices called “Inclusive & Adapted Sport – Boccia for all”, that contribute to demystifying prejudices and stereotypes about boccia as an inclusive and adapted sports. It is intended that this manual of good practices is fully accessible. Thus, it will be written in Portuguese and English, and in an accessible language that serve the public in general and with specific formatting and colors features, and the incorporation of a proper language code for those with intellectual disabilities. In addition, there will be an audiobook with the reading of the recording, with subtitles in both languages and explanation, which will serve the deaf community, blind people and those who cannot read. MEDesTU will publish this manual through a self-publishing library, and it will contain a mention to its “open licence”.

2. A website/platform that will gather the collected boccia-related information, as well as working as a platform that brings together all the stakeholders of boccia (schools, institutions and sportspeople) with adequate information for promoting boccia as a means for recreation and leisure. The contents above will be made freely available and downloadable for everyone there and through partners’ websites as well, after the project lifetime. This will be a new website created by MEDesTU (sub-domain from MEDesTU named after the short name of this project: Boccia4all) which will use the contents produced during the project in Portuguese and English, resulted from the research made at the beginning of the project and complemented with the trainers and volunteers testimonies and a photo gallery. The volunteers will be active participants in the co-designing and co-management process, like what the website should have and how it look like (from youngsters to youngsters). They will receive as much support as necessary to enhance their competences. The communication with the applicant organisation should continue during this phase, for support.

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