The foreseen results of this project intends to raise awareness about boccia as a good practice, by engaging diversified stakeholders and target groups (with the accessible manual of good practices called “Inclusive & Adapted Sport – Boccia for all” and the website/platform called “Boccia4all”) and influencing policy and practice (with the list of recommendations), at national but also international level, especially in what the EU Gender Equality Strategy and the EU Disability Strategy are concerned.

This proposal will demonstrate clearly the added value generated through its transnationality and potential transferability.

In terms of transnationality, this project allowed the development of new partnerships and the fostering of synergies among different Programme Countries organisations, beneficial to all partner organisations, which are Physical Activity Promotion Agency from Slovenia, Centro Universitario Sportivo Palermo from Italy, the European Institute for Local Development from Greece, with Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Margherita Sport e Vita Basket from Italy, and MEDesTU, the applicant from Portugal. And this project proposal is the product of national and international stakeholders, who invest their own (human) resources and know-how, which extends the project’s visibility and strengthens its impact, in proportion. This can contribute to a positive public perception and encourage wider participation in this new EU Programme.

APGA, will be in charge all activities that might increase participation and awarenes in physical activity especially for more vulnerable groups.

EILD is to enhance projects aiming to social inclusion, equal opportunities and equal access to sport for every social group. Moreover they find that boccia is an excellent sport for health enhancing physical activity and that’s why , it worths to work on this project.

EILD can be a crucial partner in project idea development as our organization has a long and successful experience on projects related to disadvantaged groups, such as immigrant women (Draw The Line) and dyslexic pupils (iSmart).

Besides EILD has previous experience in Erasmus+ Sport projects, as it has powerful connections with Sports in the area of Greece and has already collaborated with the municipalities of Nauplio, Athens-Pikermi and Aikaterini for sport projects.

CUS aims to promote, support and implement measures to counter the social problems and assist the disadvantaged people, with particular reference to immigrants, children, the elderly, drug addicts, victims of violence and disabilities, and their families, promoting people’s wellness, growth and inclusion.

To this end, in particular, they will be able to contribute:
– Positive promotion action in the social and culture area
– Conducting training and non-formal learning, aimed at improving the local environment by improving skills and care workers skills.
– Carrying out activities aimed to  young adults with disabilities integration and social inclusion, through organization of trips and periodic recreational moments.
– Creation of  integrated services for prevention, recreation, education for people with disabilities.
– Creation of non-formal mobility and learning opportunities in multicultural contexts for young people, young people with disabilities, and volunteers.
– Stimolation of exercises of active citizenship by young people with disabilities and volunteers belonging to the Association through support in the development of youth initiatives and their direct involvement in social sensitization activities.
MSV, There contribution will be at regional development and the widening of opportunities for the local community. In this frame, their sectors of activity include all aspects that are related with the viable growth, the trans-regional collaboration, the professional training and the social cohesion;
– Contribution to the preparation of analyzes and studies for the training of teachers and students through inter-school partnerships;
-Introduction, planning and management of new proposals that are subsidized by the European Union or by other European and international organisms.
-Realization of programs of prevention and information that aim to the achievement of the welfare state, for the support and reconstruction of basic social institutions as the family, the educational community, etc.
-Development of studies, provision of educational support to vulnerable social groups, enterprises, educational and administrative staff, aiming at the promotion of scientific knowledge sports, pedagogic and social research.
– Development of methods to create the well-being of people with intellectual disabilities and functional recovery.

Their exchange of ideas and experiences and the distribution of tasks and deliveries accordingly bring complementarity to this project, since their areas of expertise are vast: informal and non formal learning, volunteering, disability, manual of good practices and Boccia.

In terms of potential transferability, Portugal is the prosperous ground where boccia has grown as a good practice that will find in the dissemination and exploitation of results activities in the partner countries the validation of results it requires to make of boccia a good practice at EU level.

We believe that the exploitation of our project results can make a difference in the end-users, peers and in policy-makers lives, by bringing a positive reputational effects for the participating organizations, an increased awareness on the theme, target or area of work, an increased recognition of this topic and added value in creation and implementation of the projects in local context, especially at schools from where many youngsters could benefit, and an increased financial support by other supporters.

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