MEDesTU Association
MEDesTU empowers youth through non-formal education based on a self-directed learning process and, at the same time, informs youth, contributing to the demystifying of stereotypes and prejudices in general. And the promotion of human rights and volunteerism are two of their core values. As part of our members, we have a young woman who is a boccia athlete, recruited recently for preparing for integrating the Portuguese national team. She’s a wheelchair user and her experience as long-term practitioner of adapted boccia easily clarified the connection between boccia as an highly inclusive sport, which attends to disability and gender equality, and the empowerment of young people through sport. It was the necessary bridge for the launch of this project. Additionally, she has a particular interest in human rights of persons with disabilities, which area still has large gaps at the Portuguese context. In this sense and for the last 2 years, she has been involved in the dissemination of the Independent Living Movement, which hasn’t been yet implemented in Portugal.

Physical Activity Promotion Agency (APGA)
APGA, the theme of the project is relevant in the sense that they work in the area of physical activity involving all target groups, organizing sports projects and events inclusive for all people to participate.

Centro Universitario Sportivo Palermo
Centro Universitario Sportivo Palermo is a very old sport organization with a experience in long term project about the sport, lifelong learning and training courses such as training and networking activities on education and training, ICT, development of innovation, transfer of innovation, immigration, equal opportunities, culture, interculturality, disability and learning disabilities.

European Institute for Local Development (EILD)
EILD operates as a social player in collaboration with local and regional organizations and institutions in the fields of Education through New Technologies activities. Specifically, it provides Non-formal/ Vocational education, ICT education and innovative educational activities Integration of educational solutions into mainstream curricula specialized education for specific groups. Also, our organization focuses in the Vocational Education & Training, Regional Development Exchange of Knowledge, Capacity Building, Awareness Raising and Research & Development field.

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Margherita Sport e Vita Basket (MSV)
MSV has been engaged in project supporting social integration of all citizens (youth and senior, including marginalized, disadvantaged persons, people with disabilities and immigrants. Through trainings, workshops and seminars the organization has reached out to vulnerable social groups and communities including school children and youth activating them to take part in sports activities outdoor. Their activities have helped to reduce the social inequalities and has supported the integration of all participants in social groups. MSV has linked schools with sports organization and has involved local decision makers such as local departments of Municipalities, Regional Government Institutions in promoting and sustaining sports activities.


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