Why Boccia?

What is the objective of Boccia4all? 

This project presents the sport “boccia” in the following way:

– on the one hand, boccia is the means to promote social inclusion and raise awareness of the importance of and to promote the health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all; and
– on the other hand, we intend to give the opportunity to boccia practitioners to become the trainers of volunteers and privileged “messengers” of this good practice at schools next to the youngsters, during the project and hopefully after the project finishes, in a regular and systematic way, using non formal methodology and principles, with 2 intentions:

  • to present boccia as a mean of awareness and development of the individual’s personal, social and professional levels as whole human beings; and

  • to raise awareness next to the youngsters about the human rights of the people with disabilities and demystify – still deeply rooted – prejudices and stereotypes about these citizens;

We plan to use the existent “products” (manuals, institutions already dealing with disabilities and/or with boccia, interested parties in general…) as a basis for our research and a reference for our own dissemination tools, as we will give them visibility as well. Since the information concerning boccia is scattered, this project intends to create 2 innovative tools, which are:

A manual of good practices called “Inclusive & Adapted Sport – Boccia for all”, that contributes to demystifying prejudices and stereotypes about boccia as an inclusive and adapted sports.

This website will gather the collected boccia-related information, as well as working as a platform that brings together all the stakeholders of boccia (schools, institutions and practitioners) with adequate information for promoting boccia as a means for recreation and leisure. For this, we’ll support the networking among stakeholders at local, regional, national and international levels, focused on promoting sport and physical activity and tackling the sport-related challenges, especially in what boccia is concerned.

It’s the first time that, at MEDesTU, we develop a project related to sports, even though since the very beginning of MEDesTU’s existence, in our statutes, we planned to develop sports activities. We consider this to be an innovation in the organisation. And the fact that these partners come together to do this project is na innovative aspect by itself.

We are confident that this project will have a greater impact than whatever that was done previously in the EU in the area of boccia.

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